ProSingh is an Entrepreneur who Continues to Shun the Standards of Society!

The world is a place where people are often put down and pulled back. Yet people like ProSingh manage to survive through such storms and emerge as winners in the battle of life. An inspiring story of a young boy who aimed to shun the standards of society and pursue his passion despite all odds is what everyone needs to learn from! ProSingh, an entrepreneur, started his career at the very young age of 13. When he was merely 15 years old, ProSingh launched his application that aimed to assist youngsters to earn money from online platforms. By perpetually learning from his failures and never letting his spirit down, ProSingh always managed to look at the bigger picture while grief surrounded him. As many people chose to pull him back and advised him to not pursue his career, he chose to become an author, a social media influencer, and an entrepreneur. Influencing thousands of youngsters through the means of social media, he lightens up their day by sharing meaningful stories with them and inspiring them. His ability to cope up with failures and fuel himself to overcome all challenges has been a helpful trait for him throughout his life.

After launching his own application at the age of 15, ProSingh moved ahead in life and gained more success as he launched his own start-up at the age of 16! His journey is no more than an empowering tale. In spite of gaining success and recognition at a young age, he never stopped learning, rectifying his mistakes, and regarding his superiors. Known to be humble, respectful, and responsible, he is a young entrepreneur who is known for his youthful nature and is extremely talented! Currently, his firm is a social media marketing agency and he is known to be the pioneer of his firm. By motivating his colleagues to bring out the best, he has been true to his clients and delivers the best quality service possible. Apart from that, he is known to be a true competitor who has had his share of ups and downs. Still, he has not given up on life and believes that life is none other than a roller coaster ride that intends to unleash the true personality of an individual! It is his virtuous views that make him so unique yet impactful at such a young age. Putting down what people had to say about his young age and huge success, he soon isolated himself from such toxic people and chose to surround himself with people who empowered him.

As he remained consistent in his hard work and efforts, he soon got invited for ASIA MUN III that was organized in Bali. Such experiences, he says, have helped him discover his own self and learn from his own characteristics. Every day, as he says, one must get to unleash one trait of his/ her personality, and that is known as living life to its fullest!

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