Award: Braxton Yoeman Recognized as a Top Business Consultant of 2020/2021

Hard work and perseverance have paid off for renowned business consultant Braxton Yoeman. Mr. Yoeman has now been recognized for his top business coaching services for the year of 2020 and the first half of 2021. This is just one recognition among many that he has received for his outstanding dedication in helping his clients’ businesses thrive – hitting record-breaking growth despite the many challenges the years (and the pandemic) have brought.

The year 2020 has been very challenging and has threatened everyone, especially small businesses and private entrepreneurs. Business owners have struggled to keep their businesses afloat, and Mr. Braxton Yoeman has come up with solutions to help these businesses adapt.

As Mr. Yoeman shared, “For the past year especially, I’ve seen how businesses have been fighting for survival. To show support, I have come up with a process of providing remote coaching and business management programs to help business owners run their businesses successfully – fully online.”

“While this present situation may not seem to be the right time for business owners to invest in consulting and training, it’s actually the opposite – now is the prime time to capitalize on the opportunities. Everything is moving online, and it’s presenting more opportunity than ever for building a successful online business.”

Seeing opportunities through the difficulties

These unprecedented circumstances have forced organizations, schools, and businesses to embrace digital technologies in order to operate efficiently. Braxton Yoeman mentioned that, “…everyone should do their part of utilizing their available resources to weather the storm. I provide the latest tools and technologies to help businesses not only survive, but to thrive…and I’m super happy to say that their results speak for themselves.”

“I have helped my clients figure out ways for how to respond to these new challenges while remaining competitive, it’s really been a team effort and I’m so proud to see their businesses continue to grow. It hasn’t all been easy, but it’s really a pleasure to see how confident they are now, since they have the training and know-how now to succeed in any environment.”

The Future of (Online) Business

The rapid advancement of digital technology has changed the way businesses operate. It has opened doors for businesses to reach a much larger audience with just a click of a mouse.

According to Mr. Yoeman, even before the current situation has arisen, some businesses had already invested in digitalization and built their online presence, which is a huge advantage as they will be the ones who will be ahead of the competition. It is for this reason that Braxton Yoeman encourages everyone to embrace the situation: go online and conduct business on the internet.

He also states that “I understand such transition can be overwhelming but let us use this as an opportunity to transform, innovate, and grow.”

Based on feedback from Braxton Yoeman’s clients, running a business online provides opportunities such as:

  • Time flexibility – Doing business online enables entrepreneurs to enjoy a flexible schedule, allowing them to create comfortable working hours while being able to spend time on other important activities outside of business.
  • Location flexibility – Running an online business only requires a laptop with a stable internet connection. This allows owners to operate their business anytime and anywhere.
  • Huge growth potential – The income from an online business is determined by the level of productivity produced as well as the system infrastructure that will generate the passive income. With the right website development and marketing, online businesses have huge potential to bring in a sustainable income and growth for future generations.

About Braxton Yoeman

Braxton Yoeman has built his reputation by getting results for his clients. His methods have helped businesses improve their performance and attain sustainable and repeatable growth. Due to his notable contribution to the industry, he has earned the trust and respect of both small and large business owners and has been recognized many times as a top business consultant and service provider.

Braxton Yoeman offers online business consulting as well as other digital business solutions. He aims to set new standards of business coaching to help create sustainable and profitable businesses. He also offers a line of custom business solutions for both large corporate clients, as well as start-ups.

He is currently working in conjunction with top business consulting service firms and and encourages those interested to visit either site and get in touch.

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